Why You Should Choose This Job

The times we are in are different because of the opportunity that technology brings. See below why you should try this:

  1. It is Part-Time! You can work at anytime, whenever you have the time to do so, weekdays or weekends; as long as you can reach your client.
  2. You can work from anywhere in the world; as long as you have internet connection.
  3. You can do everything from your smart phone through calls and chat.
  4. You dont have to spend money on transportation going to any office or going to see anyone; everything is online.
  5. You get paid through bank transfer or mobile money which makes it very convenient for you.

Who is a Company Rep?

Company representatives are different from Marketing Officers in the sense that after finding and registering clients, they continue to serve as a link between a the client and the companyvia phonecalls or chats. They monitor and manage the Client – Company relationship by using effective communication and ensuring that clients are satisfied. In effect they act as relationship officers.

UMS Digital company reps can do everything from their phone either using phonecalls or chats depending on what best suites the client. This is made possible because everything or almost everything is done online so it is rare to have to meet a client in a face-to-face meeting except when very necessary.


Simple steps to follow as a company rep:

  1. Visit our website and go through our services. Make sure you fully understand what is outlined there.
  2. Find the contact of an organisation or individual who may possibly need our services (You can get contacts from friends, mates, advertisements etc; UMS may provide contacts if available).
    • NB: Make sure you get the contact of the key decision maker such as the CEO, Administrator, Head Pastor, General Overseer, Proprietor etc.
  3. Initiate conversation through phonecall or whatsapp (if the person is on whatsapp)
    • introduce yourself
    • introduce UMS Digital
    • Introduce our services
    • Tell the person why our services will benefit his company
    • NB: Be interactive; let it be a discussion not a lecture
  4. Make the Client Act
    • Send the link of the service u are introducing to the client on whatsapp or email and let him or her check for himself
    • Let him / her sign-up for the 15-day trial by filling the form and submitting

Once you are done, it is highly possible that the client will opt for our service.

You can boldly let the client also subscribe immediately to our services withouth suggesting a trial.


You are paid monthly commissions on each client that you sign-up. It ranges from 5% to 15% depending on

  1. how many clients you have
  2. the value of the client
  3. the level of involvement in attending to the client

As long as the client pays every month and stays with the service, you are paid commissions.


For any assistance contact us via phonecall or whatsapp

  • 054-3627478
  • 057-3379354