The Ignorant African

It was once said that “if you want to hide treasure from the African, write it in a book”. How true is that today?

Fun in Africa

The African could easily pass for the most privileged of all men when it comes to natural resources. Africa is the best place to be and there is nothing of value which you won’t find here. The weather, the rich varying cultures, the hospitability, the spirituality, the strong faith even when it is meer foolishness, the relaxed work culture (mostly laziness) etc. Africa is just the most interesting place to be.  The weather in tropical Africa supports to a large extent the cultivation of majority of crops. With such huge potential to cultivate plantations, you would ask yourself why the average african child is malnourished.

Unique Leadership

It is not uncommon to find greed, pride, insecurity and sheer pettines wherever the African Leader is positioned and most leaders behave like pampered adults who never learnt management when they were children. We seem to forget that Adam was placed in the Garden as a manager but he had divinely established rules of nature to abide by. Wherever there are resources, a prudent manager is needed.

The African is Emerging

Times are changing and the African is rising through education. At the moment many Africans are being exploited with the myth that a college degree will earn you a white collar job and grantee you success in life. So every toilet and kitchen is now being converted to a school. We tend to celebrate egocentric college graduate and professionals and boast of their marriages to our siblings and daughters while we ridicule, reject and insult hard working and focused youth who dare to break the status quo by setting up businesses that could employ thousands and increase national development. “It will never work”, we say, “find a job”. Go tell Mark Zuckerberg that! I wonder if 30 years ago anyone had heard the name Zuckerberg before, let alone spell it. But now we use it in spelling ‘B’s. We want to hear more names globally not only Nkrumah and Annang. We need Oppong, Okeke, Tetteh, Okai, Bortsie, Kobi, Aning, Asamoah and hey of course Adu-Danso. The African is becoming more knowledgeable, he is becoming wiser and he is emerging as a global leader because this time is for the african.

Be Part of the Change

Stop limiting yourself. For every book seller and business owner this is the time you can reach out with your products and services. This is the age of information technology. Educate your clients, explain to them why they must read and why they must buy books, not just to learn for the purposes of passing a college exam but for the purpose of becoming a prudent manager and successful leader. So use every technology at your disposal and impact your generation. Be remembered for something one day when you are no more. To get support in reaching and educating your customers about your products and services via website, blog or social media, let us assist you at

Please share this post on all your social pages and let us wake the African up, cos this is his time.


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